Saturday, 16 August 2008

Extended Players @ Crooked Tongues Adidas party Bangkok

To help celebrate Adidas Originals 35th anniversary, Crooked Tongues / Unorthodox Styles hosted a special event in Bangkok featuring Harry Love, DJ MK & Mr Thing of the mighty Extended Players. Hosted by Mystro and with everyone in the building competing for adidas originality this party was every bit as crazy as it sounds. Nuf love to the Kung Fu kids Leo & Charlie who were on hand to help the party along in their usual fashion.

Props to the Jeed, Om, Nat, BJ Betts, Prer, Magic Muffin (best dj name of the century), James, Route 66 club, 808 club, Laemson Villas, Nung, Tac, Ming aka Nipapon... I kno I probably mis-spelled about %70 of the names above so my apologies, still got as much love for ya,,, and there's way more names to cover!

And let's hear a massive round of applause for the U-Dox/Crooked Tongues/Spine Magazine family with an extra big dollop of love to Uncle Russel & his bride to be.

There's not a lot of other actual information to give about this event because it was all about the tunes, the kicks and the venue which was a traditional Thai restaurant/amphitheatre by day.
What I would like to add is that Crooked Tongues will be opening their first physical store in... guess where?.....wait for it...... that's right Bangkok! All being well we should see the doors opening by Christmas, and you know what that means right...? wait for it.... yup you guessed it.. ANOTHER BIG PARTY! More kicks, more tunes, more drinks and more flashing flashing lights lights lights!!!

Once the gig and Adidas sponsored hospitality was over (and I do mean HOSPITALITY!), and once everybody had gone home to the UK, Leo & myself stayed on in Thailand for another month. We met some great people who deserve to be mentioned and saw some legendary sights that need to be shared,,,,, with you guys. So for this reason I will be doing a post all bout our trip (sorry I know it's not directly music related.... but fuck it, the phrase goes "Beats.. Rhymes... and LIFE right??!! I just need a little time to recall the order in which these life-changing events should be strung together.

Thailand we love you!

While a traditional Thai songs were being sung so aid the digestion of the diners at Galaxy restaurant/club, preparations were being made outside the venue. It was actually pretty hard to believe my eyes when I saw these dudes building a giant Adidas shoe box with our names on. I had Run Dmc looping im my head all week after that.

"Cover me... I'm going in...."

...okay things could start getting interesting....