Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Man I know it ain't that new but I LOVE this tune more & more. Properly pushing the envelope, it's hip hop but then it's almost rock too. I could almost imagine The Coral (my favourite band) to have played the instruments on this. Very inspirational stuff, big props to DJ Khalil & Chin on this one... and of course mad love to my Clipse fam Malice, Pusha T & Ab-Liva (one of the greatest story-tellers of all time). Really really really really lookin forward to the new album "When The Casket Drops" coming soon on Re-Up Gang Entertainment/Columbia Records.


THIS brought a tear to my eye. I could almost want to give up from seeing something like this but instead it has filled me with inspiration. There's not much I can say other than watch this guy take people's jobs..... without even wanting to.
There was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, there was Stevie Wonder(child), there was Michael Jackson and now we have Vohn Beatz. Can't wait for the album(s) Vohn, I'm a fan and I will be spending my hard-earned money on whatever this dude produces.

Ladies & Gentlemen & Low Lifes ..... Vohn Beatz

Monday, 25 May 2009


The other month I did an impromptu remix of the song "Be Here" by Raphael Saadiq featuring D'Angelo. I think the original is a brilliant song and had no intentions of trying to better it but since I had the single with the acapella which inspires me so much (i can even listen to the acapella by itself) I thought I'd let my inspiration roam. I have already had a very pleasant surprise at the amount of positive feedback since posting it on twitter & facebook.

Whether or not you know the original version, I hope you enjoy my take on it. Please feel free to share this amongst ur friends and 'tweeples' and keep an eye out for more of my unofficial remixes!


H Love

Zshare Link:

...OH and try this, I found it online and it works...

" If you're sick of waiting for the download timer on zshare, hack it with this script. When the timer starts counting down, clear the address bar on your browser and paste this:

javascript:var time=0 "

SNATCH WARS (Star Wars vs. Snatch)

Well I'm back from my blog hiatus, yes I know failure to blog on a daily basis is kinda suicidal, but hey, at least you know when I post I got something to say or share!

Snatch Wars is the funniest shit I've seen all year. My good friend Dhiran was told to watch it by the actor himself, Alan Ford (who plays Brick Top in the Guy Richie movie Snatch). Following on from this I will be sharing my favourite 'shreds' videos. For those that don't know, 'SHREDS' is when somebody re-dubs the audio to a video. I can't tell wether "Snatch Wars" is a shred or the reverse of a shred? Either way around it's some funny shit and, in my opinion, a masterpiece.

"Now go and put the kettle on"

Props to the talented Brick Vada for this one