Friday, 20 March 2009

Fuck Phonejacker ... Jerky Boys 4ever!

I almost hate myself for this ... but I hate phonejacker way more so I thoght I'd expose him as the ideajacker that he really is. I have to post up the first Jerky Boys album for download because they seem to be so unknown now that they're almost like an urban legend.
I grew up on this Jerky Boys shit. I even managed to get suspended from school.... for making prank calls at HOME!? The 2 main guys are Johnny B (Sol Rosenberg, Frank Rizzo, Jack Tors, Mike Deruki, Pico the mexican etc) and Kamal Ahmed (Tarbash, Kissel and others). There was also kinda like a missing Jerky Boy by the name of John Musacha. Musacha was definitely in the prank call elite and his appearances were very few and far between.... but worth the wait. Rumor has it that that he was just that bit too funny and was kinda squeezed out by Johnny & Kamal (i dunno how true that is or if Musacha was a slacker, who knows).
So Jerky Boys started by doing bootleg tapes.... then someone in the industry heard them (i think at MTV) and hooked them up with some victims. What sporned out of this was a string of MTV appearances and the occasional TV special. This lead them nicely into a record deal under which they produced 5 albums: The Jerky Boys 1, 2, 3, 4 and lastly "Stop Staring At Me" which was volume 5. In addition an album called 'The Jerky Tapes' was released in more recent years. I seem to remember the Musacha calls being on some of the CDs that VerbT used to bring back from America, and on the cassette version of 'Stop Staring At Me' but they definitely ain't on the version I have downloaded so I have posted a couple of those. If one of you guys find the actual Musacha tape hit me up! You can also hear Johnny B doing voices for the characters Mort Goldman & Horace the barman in the cartoon Family Guy.
John Musacha call sketches:
"Fanning My Balls"

"Mother Fuckin VCR" see where fonejacker got his inspiration for his vcr/dvd sketch?

As you can see there is a lot of material and its always been my mission to find it all so I garantee there will be more posts about the Jerky's and apparently they reformed in 2006 so hit me if u find anything new!!

...last time i saw this was in 1994/95..

And here are some ones from various albums that always entertain me

"Bad Tomatoes" Nicos from Nicos Deli - Jerky Boys 3

"Stop That" Tarbash The Egyptian Magician - Jerky Boys 3

"TV Repair" Kissel & Pico - Jerky Boys 3

"I Pickle They" Jack TorS - Stop Staring at Me!
(a rare example where the person being called is funnier than the called)

The Jerky Boys - Vol. 1 (1993)
Favorite tracks "Laser Surgery", "Egyptian Magician", "Super Across The Way"

The Jerky Boys - Vol. 2 (1994)
Favorite tracks "Pablo Honey", "Roofing", "Sol's Warts" "Pet Cobra", & "Pico's Mexican Hairpiece"
...... and PS.... DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IMITATIORS! There are a lot of fake Jerkys out there on youtube and the torrent sites. The 'you kicked my dog' by Aptar is an imitation, he was never in the jerky boys but obviously loved them. There are a lot of other very unfunny ones that demonstrate perfectly the kind of wit, humor, creativity and originality that set the Jerky Boys aside from your average jackass with a phone.


DJ Harry Love presents...
Launch night!

Date: Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 9:00pm-3:00am
Price: £5 all night
Blag Club, Ladbroke Grove
Canalot Studios
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London, W10 5BN

Tubes : Ladbroke Grove & Westbourne Park (hammersmith & city line)
Buses : 52, 23, 328, 31, 28, 27

Extended Players founder (2003-present), Ex-Scratch Pervert (1997-2000) & producer DJ Harry Love & friends bring the party back to West London spinning a mixture of Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Disco, 80's & 90's Grooves, Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall.... and not ruling out Rock, Pop, House, Garage & Electro classics too.... the way DJs do!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

"Harry Love On The Beats!" 2001-2003

What was i doing as a youngster...? Watch & listen! These are some of the tracks i produced between the ages of 19-22... shouts to all the fans who posted the tunes and left comments.. i was happy to see one post of Jehst's "Alcoholic Author" got well over 30,000 views so far

Poisonous Poets: Doc Brown, Reveal, Tony Dangerous & Therapist
"Poisonous Poetry" (2003)

Mystro "Strong Rhymin'" (2002)

Reveal "What Estate R U From?" (2002)

Yungun aka Essa "Liquid Love" 2003

Yungun "What Eye See" 2002

Jehst "Alcoholic Author" 2001




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